Abstract Ocean Painting

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Professional Artist Elida Field stopped by with a fun art project to brighten up dark winter days.

If you’d like a chance to win the Abstract Ocean Painting Elida painted on the show, visit Elida's website.

Abstract Ocean Painting

There is nothing like the turquoise water you see on the islands in the Caribbean. Having just returned from the Dominican Republic, I can’t stop thinking about that clear blue water and those warm, sunny beaches. Even if you can’t escape the rain and cold this season, you can still enjoy the colors of the Caribbean at home with this fun art project! It’s an easy project that people of all ages and abilities can do! So turn on the Merengue music, let’s make a fiesta right here in the rain and create some sunshine with ocean art!

Materials List:

  • any sized canvas (demo is 12”x16”)
  • acrylic paints: pthalo blue, cadmium yellow, titanium white and gold
  • specialty smooth trim brush (buy it from any hardware store as it’s used for trim work)
  • throw away paper palette or Styrofoam plate
  • bucket of water
  • paper towels
  • (optional high gloss or matte finishing spray)

How to create the “Abstract Ocean Painting”:

1.Dip your smooth brush into the water and then into your white paint. Using large horizontal strokes work back and forth and down the canvas about a third of the way.

2.Keep dipping your brush into the water and reapplying to your canvas so you have even strokes of color as you work your way down.

3.Now, mix turquoise by mixing pthalo blue, a little yellow and a little white. Add this in an overlapping method starting at the white and working your way down past halfway on the canvas.

4. Keep adding more blue and overlapping until you have a variation of abstract blues going from light to dark on your canvas. If you want to add gold, you may at any time, just make sure that you don’t overlap too much or overwork the strokes back and forth or you’ll lose the color variation.

5.If you want a more abstract look, leave the colors more blocky and less blended. You can make so many different paintings with using just these three colors.

6. Let the paint dry completely and then finish by spraying with a high gloss or matte spray.