An Art Project to Lift Your Spirits

Rainbow art.png

Professional Artist Elida Field joined us to share an art project to lift our spirits – and keep our kids entertained at home too!

Magic Rainbow Painting


  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolors (I like Yarka or Koi)
  • Salt
  • 1/2” angled brush, 1” round, and one tiny brush
  • pencil and eraser

Optional materials:

  • Gelatos or water soluble oil pastels

How to create your “Magic Rainbow Painting”

1.Decide if you’d like your painting to be vertical or horizontal. Turn your paper accordingly and then drop a little bit of water in each of your paint trays to activate the colors.

2.Lightly draw a curved line where you’ll want to put your rainbow. You’ll want to keep this area dry for right now.

3.Around the rainbow, start drawing some clouds in using water only. You can do this by drawing in circular motions with water, but stay away from the rainbow area as we want to keep that dry for right now.

4.Drop in some blues, purples, and maybe a little yellow in some of the wet areas. The more water and movement the better. The idea is to drop the color into the water and let the water move it around. Water is our friend with watercolors!

5.Pour some salt over the cloudy areas and let it sit.

6.Next, move to the rainbow. You can either draw in the colors of the rainbow using the gelatos or you can use your small brush and paint the colors in.

7.Start with yellow then orange, red, pink, purple, blue and then green the way if the colors bleed together at least they will melt together in a beautiful way and not turn brown or black.

8.Let the painting dry completely and then you can tap off the salt into the garbage and if you can see the pencil marks, you can erase them, but only after the painting has dried completely.

9.Taa-daaa! Your art piece would look beautiful placed in a black mat or gold frame. It can be a seasonal decoration or even a piece you give as a St. Patty’s gift. Cheers!

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