Art Cards for Valentine's Day

vday cards.png

Pull out all the stops for Valentine's Day! Professional Artist, Elida Field, stopped by to show us how to use the latest art technique to make homemade Valentine cards.

“Lovely”Art Cards

February is the month of “Love”! Create a specialized art card for your favorite valentine or treat yourself by making your own beautiful abstract art! Alcohol ink paintings are one of the latest art trends and with just a straw, some paper and a little time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the amazing outcome. It’s a project the whole family can do, so whether you make these cards together, or create them in advance, they will definitely be loved & so will you!


  • Ranger’s Adirondack Alcohol Inks (at least three colors)
  • Alcohol Ink Solvent or Alcohol
  • Straws or can of compressed air
  • Glossy card stock-clay coated or glossy photo paper (use the back side)
  • Yupo paper (if you are doing a painting)
  • Cardstock or colored paper
  • Optional: stamps and archival inks as embellishments for over the top

Making a “Lovely” Art Card:

Lay your card stock on a covered surface. If you are using regular photo paper, use the back side, not the glossy side. Squirt the alcohol solvent on your paper and then drip your alcohol inks in whatever pattern you’d like. Dripping some together can make an interesting mix of colors as well. Quickly start spraying with the compressed air in whatever direction you’d like or with your straw begin to blow in whatever direction you’d like the inks to run. The inks dry fast (5-7seconds). You can keep adding more ink as you go until you get a final design. I did a variation...some were simple drippy red hearts and others I filled the card with multiple colors. You can present them just like this, add a message on the front or back, or mount them on black or white card stock so they can open up like a traditional card.


If you’d like to pizzazz it up a bit...use some fun stamps! Once your alcohol ink dries, you can take whatever stamp you’d like, press it into archival ink and then onto your card. I also discovered that the archival ink can be used as another medium. If you are using the back side of glossy photo paper, you can easily smear the archival ink with your finger around the open areas. I just tapped my finger on the ink pad and smeared it around the outside of my abstract design which gave it a whole new look and dimension! If you use Yupo paper that is the best for allowing your inks to dry the slowest, giving you more time to work your paintings. You can then always mount the yupo paper onto a wooden board or canvas for display.