Art Project: Bright Autumn Trees!

Autumn Tree Art.png

Professional artist Elida Field stopped by to share a fun art project to bring out fall's beautiful bright colors.

Bright Autumn Trees!

Autumn is here with her flurry of reds, oranges, and vibrant yellows! Let’s take some inspiration from this beautiful season and the changing trees of Fall by capturing that color in an artsy chalk pastel drawing. Now you can enjoy the colors and trees of autumn all year long!

Materials List:

  • chalk pastels (any size will work, the more colors the better)
  • black paper
  • optional: fixative for chalk & reference photos of trees or leaves for inspiration

How to create the “Bright Autumn Abstract Trees”

1. Turn your black paper vertically so you have some space for your trees.

2. Using a warm colored pastel, draw three horizontal lines across the paper from left to right, starting from about the middle and working your way down (this is the ground, below your trees, so depending on how tall you want your trees will dictate how thick you make this section or if you want to start it a little lower so you have more room for the trees.)

3. Draw three tree trunks by drawing a straight line up from the top horizontal line and adding a few angled lines, branching out at the top but not extending off of your paper. They should finish about three quarters the way up, leaving some space for the top of your foliage to be added.

4. Add the foliage of your trees by drawing some curved lines from the top of the branches and working your way around in a circular shape. Do this for each additional tree working from left to right and overlapping if necessary.

5. Block in the color for the foliage using three warm colors. Lay them on their sides to make squares of color that overlap each other and blend until each tree top is completely filled in.

6. Fill in the sky and background using cool colors. Leave a little space around the trunk of the trees so that some black shows through which gives an artistic effect and natural shadow. You can also use a cool color to outline some of the foliage.

7. Alternating warm and cool colors, block in the bottom of your drawing. Again, if you turn your pastel on its side, it will cover the area better and blend easier making this process faster.

8. Take your paper over to a garbage and tap any excess chalk off, flicking from the back as you angle your paper over the garbage can. Make sure that you don’t try to brush it off on the top or you’ll smear all of your colors and loose the structure of your drawing.

9. Sign your name in a contrasting color at the bottom and then spray it with a permanent fixative, laminate it, or frame your finished artwork. Enjoy!