Astrology's Look at 2019

Astrology 2019.png

What do the planets and the stars have in store for us this year? Astrologer Carol Ferris stopped by to share her insights.

When we're born, we're not just born into one place --we're not just our "sign"; we step into a whole world, a whole calendar, a whole complex geography. So even if we're not born a Capricorn or a Sagittarius, those signs -- those energetic seasons -- are all in each and every one of us, somewhere in our inner neighborhoods. So whether your Sun is in either of those signs, the Moon might be in one of those signs, or Venus, or Saturn; and even if, in your horoscope, there are no planets traveling through those signs, that energy -- Sagittarius/light inside the dark; Capricorn/deep winter -- is in all of us.

So when, in current events, those signs get amplified by the journey of big planets (Jupiter in Sagittarius; Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn), it effects each one of us somewhere in our life. While it helps to know where EXACTLY Sagittarius/Capricorn is in your own chart -- so you know where exactly in your life you will feel contracted, where exactly in your life you will feel optimistic and a bit crazy -- it's not necessary to know exactly where it is, only that you will be living out two contradictory and sometimes uncomfortable dynamics inside you -- for the whole year!

Since astrology is a language about geography and season -- it's a language about nature, human nature in the middle of all nature -- it reflects complexity. We're complex.

And one way I like to think about each human nature, each horoscope, is it's a picture of a person's inner village, and every house around the central plaza of the village has an important job to do in the successful, complex life of the village.

So imagine that in every village, there are two neighbors who live side by side, and they are just not like each other. One household is thrifty, conservative, serious, programmed and down to earth (Capricorn). The next-door household is restless, philosophical, creative and a little bit over the top (Sagittarius).

So imagine that all of us, in our inner villages, are in this dilemma: the thrifty conservative neighbor is unhappy, depressed and feeling like nothing works and the future is very dim; and the crazy neighbor is on a lucky streak.

So let's talk about how to manage these two neighbors inside for this coming year, and what that looks like when ALL the inner neighborhoods make one great big country.