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"Be That Unicorn" -- How to Be Anti-Racist

Be that Unicorn Antiracist.png

Jenny Block thinks we can learn a lot from unicorns -- including how to be anti-racist. The author of "Be That Unicorn" joined us from her home in Texas to share her insights and 5 tips:

-Lead with kindness.

-Put someone you love in that person’s position.

-Are you making the people who love you proud?

-Love yourself and take care of yourself. Most hate comes from fear of not being good enough and so wanting other people to be lesser. That Unicorn never puts others down to prop herself up.

-Racism is about separating people. That Unicorn knows that the most important thing in the world is to be part of the herd and the bigger the herd the better!

For more information about Jenny and her book, visit her website,