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Be That Unicorn While Reinventing Yourself for the Job Market

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Jenny Block says we can learn a lot from unicorns -- including how to reinvent ourselves for the job market! The author of "Be That Unicorn” joined us to share her insights.

Be That Unicorn While Reinventing Yourself for the Job Market:

1. That unicorn uses her past to shape her present. That means thinking about how a past job can translate to a new one even if they are seemingly VERY different.

2. That unicorn acknowledges the bad and says “and” instead of “but.” Losing my job because of Covid is awful and I can use my experience to find something new - and maybe even better.

3. That unicorn knows that reinvention is the key to growth. Change is scary and forced change is worse. But if it’s inevitable, why not use this time to reinvent yourself. What have you always wanted to do, to be, to try? Y

4. The unicorn leads with confidence. Most any employer will tell you that confidence is the number one reason they hire someone when choosing between similar candidates.

5. That unicorn believes that regret is a waste. This pandemic will pass, eventually. The only thing we really have control over is how we handle it. For better or for worse a lot of us have unwanted time on our hands. So why not use it to reimagine yourself and your career.