Beat Job Burnout

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Job burnout is a special type of work-related stress that causes physical and emotional exhaustion. It's such a problem that it's now officially recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an “occupational phenomenon.” Tom Eddington, a conscious leadership expert who advices CEO's and non-profit leaders, experienced burnout first hand and now offers advice for avoiding it:

  • Take the long view on life. It is so easy to get caught up in the job you are doing at the time, what is going in the moment, and think you can just push and push and push. It is just a very shortsighted behavior. It is very easy for us to live a one-dimensional life, particularly for men in our culture, thinking about how much money we make, our career advancement. Have a more holistic view of what life is and what the purpose is for your life.
  • Pay attention and listen to your body. Warning signs to watch for include fatigue, any kind of frequent colds or flu; if anything is depleting your immune system or if you are draining or overworking your adrenal system; headaches, tension, unusual aches and pains. And pay attention to your emotions. your temperament are you reacting rather than responding? Is your fuse short? Are you impatient with people? Look at your life. Do a self-assessment. Let your body tell you what it needs: What is your diet like? Are you exercising? Do you have contemplative practice? Are you getting adequate sleep?
  • Be willing to change. It may require you to go away and do a weekend or week-long retreat where you are out of your normal habits patterns and behaviors, where you have an opportunity to reflect where you are, what is really important and what really matters to you.

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