Being Single in Portland

Date Doctor Alma, Alma Avery Rubenstein, explained why it can be hard to date in Portland and what you can do to increas your odds of finding Mr. Right.

1. S Stand-offish -
As a whole I find Portlanders are a tad stand-offish-and not so approachable. I think also people are being so cautious that they don't want to step out and invade our space or they don't want to feel like they are bothering us.

New Flash we want to be bothered!!!! This is for both men and women! Smile more and ask yourself how can I be more approachable. It's like you are a sponge and you are looking for water. Also take the initiative. I would give a few examples of fun pick up lines.

2. W Weather
We are somewhat challenged by the weather where as other places in the country are able to be outside more when it's warm, and it's easier to meet people and flirt.

Take it inside, just because it's raining doesn't mean there is not a party inside. And don't forget to have a stylish raincoat and a sexy hat! All the newspapers list events everyday and night there is something fun or artistic going on. Go to the roller derby, a garage sale, the grocery store, art walks, speed dating events, etc.

3. S Set in their ways
Everyone has their routine- they wake up, drive the same way to work, eat at the same place, go to the same class at the gym, go to the same place for happy hour and then home. We are creatures of habit.

I say mess up your ways. If you want different results you have got to change the behavior. Take a different route, or the streetcar, go to a different place for lunch, go to a different neighborhood that you know nothing about and explore.

4. E Exercise
You would think this is a good thing but as a city we are Over Exercised! I have never been exposed to so many man that are addicted to cycling. It scares me a bit. And women, even at the gym are always wearing headphones. How is someone gonna make conversation with your ears all plugged. Exercise is great but how about exercising with a new twist.

Guys get off your bikes and women remove the plugs. The kind of exercising we should have is guy chasing girls and vice versa. It's fun and that's what love is all about. Chasing and catching while burning calories. Guys go to the yoga or Pilate's class and ladies don't be afraid to go over to the weight section of the gym and ask a cute guy how to use a particular machine.