Charcoal Bunny Art

Hoppy art.png

Bunnies are a favorite this time of year so why not create an abstract charcoal drawing that will make you hoppy? Professional Artist Elida Field stopped by to show us how:

All you need is paper, charcoal, and a willingness to get your hands dirty…the rest is easy. This project is fun for all ages…the messier the better. In the end, you’ll have a cool project to display for Easter or all year long!


  • Soft charcoals and/or pastels
  • Drawing paper
  • Reference materials (pictures of bunnies you’d like to draw)
  • Optional rubber eraser

Drawing a charcoal bunny:

  • Use the soft vine charcoal or loose charcoal to sketch out your bunny rabbit. My reference rabbit was from a side view.
  • Start by sketching an egg shaped circle for the head, then draw a larger egg shaped circle slightly below that one that overlaps it for the body.
  • Add a long curved line that extends up off the top of the head for the first ear, and then a slightly thinner one next to it for the other ear.
  • Put a dot where you think the eye will go and later you’ll add a more detailed eye using curved lines.
  • For the nose, add an upside down tip of a triangle and little upside down “T” that extends from the tip of the triangle to make the mouth.
  • For the front legs, add a small angled line (all legs have the angle that points backwards from the head), then another one slightly in front of that one at the front. These are placed at the bottom part of the big circle, just below the head. You can finish by adding a few rounded tows and following the lines back up to the base of the circle.
  • The back leg will be a large round line that then makes a bigger angled line back with a longer line at the base of the back side of the circle. You can finish this leg as well by adding a few rounded toes at the bottom and following the lines back to the base of the circle.
  • Add a half circle for the tail.

After sketching, go back with your charcoal and connect the head to the body with some stronger lines. Firm up the other lines you want to stand out and then start filling in the areas that would be shaded. Don’t be afraid to go over the top of other lines and blend them in. Different types of charcoal will be darker. Start with the softer charcoals and then go to the pastels or hard charcoal at the end to create a dramatic effect. Add white to the eye for the catchlights and also on any other highlighted area. Keep the lines loose and playful and don’t overwork or over blend the charcoals or you’ll loose the effect. Try drawing different types of bunnies and enjoy the process. In the end, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly and a fixative can be used to set the charcoal and protect it. Enjoy!