College Planning Tips

If your kids are planning to go to colletge in the next couple of years, there are things you should be doing now to get ready. Independent College Consultant Marie Morris stopped by with her "to-do" checklist.


  • FAFSA should be done!

  • OSAC should be done!

  • College acceptances: celebrate every single one! "You are going to College!" Parents should make a big deal out of it -- even if it isn't a first-choice school.

  • Financial letters may not come until the end of March. Be sure to check your student's email! That is how a lot of schools now notify.


  • Have a testing plan: SAT, ACT, Subject tests, AP tests

  • Start thinking about forecasting classes for senior year

  • Plan and make college visits

  • Options for when you can't travel all over for school visits:

  1. Virtual tours at schools such as University of Rochester, Villanova and Wake Forest can give you a good feel for the school.

  2. Social media, Facebook and sites such as and have many virtual tours of many schools.