Colorful Abstract Sunflowers

Sunflower art.png

Moms always prefer homemade gifts so Professional Artist Elida Field stopped by with a fun art project she’s sure to love!

If you’d like a chance to win the sunflower paintings Elida and Helen painted on the show, visit Elida's website.

Colorful Abstract Flowers

April Showers, May brings flowers! We are finally getting some sunshine and gardens are in full bloom. For Mother’s Day, why not make some flowering art that will last forever! You could also, get your siblings or other family members to paint together to make a beautiful collaborative painting for mom! Everyone can create in their own individual style but the pieces put together can make one big flower, or individually split apart they make an amazing abstract. Have fun and don’t forget, “thank Mom”we all wouldn’t be here without her!

Materials List:

~Acrylic paints (I like Utrecht paints)

~Artist brushes

~Canvases of equal size

~Brown or Sienna colored conte crayon

~A Bowl or lid (the size you’d like your center of the flower)

~Palette paper or paper plate for mixing

~Paper towels

How to create “Colorful Abstract Flowers”

1.Place 2 or 4 canvases together to make a rectangle or square (depending on how many people are painting). Place your bowl over the corners that are touching and draw around the bowl with your conte crayon. This should leave a quarter of a circle on each canvas.

2.Begin to draw the petals of the flower around the circle. Depending on the type will dictate the shape of the petals. After you draw your first row of petals, find the “V” shaped opening between each petal and that is where you’ll start to draw your second row of petals. Continue in this pattern for as many rows you’d like.

3.With your paintbrush and water follow along the lines that you’d like to keep and start adding a little shadow by blurring the conte with water at the base of every petal. You may want to add a little brown or another dark color to the base of the petals, or behind the petal where a shadow would be.

4.Then start with the center of the flower and begin to fill it in with paint. Use a tapping method where you load your brush with paint, not very much water, and then just tap it down in the center of the flower. Fill in the entire center before moving to the petals. You can make the center whatever colors you’d like, but keep in mind that the very center of the flower should be the darkest. As you move out towards the petals, start to fill in the petals with another color, maybe even two or three colors and blend them as you move towards the edge. .

5.The last thing you’ll paint is your background and edges. Just pick a nice contrasting color and begin to fill in the background and take that color around the edges.

6.Lastly, either put your paintings back together to make a big abstract flower or keep your pieces separate for your own abstract flower!