COUNTRY Financial: Holiday Spending 101

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Is money a taboo topic in your family? Tim Harris, COUNTRY Financial's Executive Vice President, joined us via satellite to tell us why the holiday season is a great time to start a conversation about spending and budgeting.

COUNTRY Financial has released the results of its new Security Index Survey* on financial literacy and confidence. The survey found that personal finance may be a taboo topic in most American households, with more than a quarter of parents (27 percent) admitting that they have not talked to their kids about money.

Tim Harris' tips:

  • Candid Conversations - Talk about money, even if it’s uncomfortable. Don’t let money become a taboo topic in your home.
  • Holiday Budget 101 - Create your holiday budget as soon as possible, with the help of your family. Involving your kids and partner means everyone has a part in staying on budget and everyone understands the plan.
  • Start the Savings – For Next Season - If you found that your budget was tight this year and you wished you had saved more, consider setting up a holiday savings account that allows you to save throughout the year.

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