Cutting Inappropriate Cords

Cutting cords.png

Certified Pranic Healing Instructor and Practitioner Liza Burney stopped by to teach us about cord cutting and why it’s important to clear away the energy drain from people or things in our lives that aren’t supporting us:

Energetic cords are just part of life. Anytime there’s an interpersonal interaction, there are energetic cords. There’s an energetic cord between you and whatever you are paying attention to.

These cords come in two varieties: appropriate and inappropriate

Examples of Appropriate cords: (no need to cut these cords)

  • healthy relationship cords,
  • connections to things and places that support us.

Inappropriate cords are subconscious connections to people or places that drain us. Cords connecting to a person or situation that evokes a strong negative emotion, such as worry, fear, anxiety, or anger, can fill our energy body with that emotion and can be quite uncomfortable.

For people in the health care professions, a teacher, a public speaker, if you have conflict in your life, feel drawn to unhealthy relationships, or you just feel drained all the time, cord cutting is a great technique that can help.

Cord cutting is recommended at least once a day:

  • It takes just a few seconds.
  • People who work with clients are recommended to do this after each client.
  • If you like you can scan your inner aura to get a baseline before we cut cords.

Steps for Cord Cutting:

1. Stand or sit upright. Start with one hand above the head, the other hand below the torso on the centerline. Both palms facing each other.

2. Form the intention that as you move your hands together, you are bundling all the inappropriate and unauthorized cords attached to your energy body.

3. You may feel the edge of this bundle as you slowly move your hands together. Stop when you feel that, or just when you are at about the solar plexus area.

4. Holding the bundle of cords with one hand, visualize the other hand sharp like a knife, and slowly skim that hand just above the surface of the body, along the centerline of the torso. Do this three times, repeating the phrase “cut, cut, cut.”

5. Take this bundle of cords and plug them into the energy of the earth.

6. Repeat this three times, at least once a day.

After the cord cutting, you can scan your inner aura again to see how much it changes. Cutting inappropriate cords will help disconnect us from situations that drain our energy.

You may notice:

  • your energy field expanding and feeling stronger after cord cutting.
  • having more energy at the end of a day.
  • More positive feelings and emotions.
  • Less aches and pains.

You can have both appropriate and inappropriate cords to the same person/place/thing.

• Health care practitioners are frequent recipients of inappropriate cords, because they are taking physical care of someone, but at the same time, that person connects in energetically and the nurse ends up exhausted at the end of the day, even though her shift that day wasn’t physically demanding. It’s like their battery is drained.

• People, such as hoarders, have a strong energetic attachment to the things they can’t get rid of.

• Relationships are situations that have both types of cords.

I’ve worked on some serious cases with people who were having relationship issues with their partner. One of the things we did was cut inappropriate cords between the two of them, especially cords on the throat energy center. Afterwards, it became easier to communicate and relate to each other.