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Dating App Tips

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If you’re looking for love, get on a dating app! According to Ladan Radafshar that’s where all the single people are. But knowing how to navigate that world can be tricky. Tammy Hernandez met with the Dating App Consultant to get expert tips and advice.

What are the most common mistakes you see people making on dating apps?

  1. Bad visual presentation.. This is the most important feature in a profile, so if you're going to focus on something, focus on getting better photos. Candid photos where you’re doing something you love are the best.
  2. Not putting energy into the process. If you're going to create a profile -- put a bit of effort. Quality over quantity. Second, get excited about the people that you do match with. Be proactive. If not, what is the point? You're wasting everyone's time -- including yours.

Is there a piece of advice you think could be a game-changer?

Date thoughtfully.

Think about what you're after. If you don't know, then do some work around finding out why you're not sure. If you're just looking to connect and not date long-term, be clear about that too. Find out what you want, then communicate that effectively when you're dating. Open and honest communication gains you more respect and less heartache. It's a sign of a healthy happy person (healthy mental hygiene).

Do you have tips for each age group?

The one thing that changes with different age groups is the dating platforms. One of the most important things is to be on the right dating platform for your dating style. Essentially, being in front of the right audience. That does change with age.