De-Stress Yourself For The Holidays


Laure Redmond joined us on this Feel Good Friday to talk about the holidays and what you can do to eliminate the stress.

9 Great Things to do if You're Not a Fan of the Holidays

1. Stay With The Facts

Face the reality of a situation rather than making up little white lies or stories about it.

2. Snap Out Of It

The more shared past there is in a relationship, the more present you need to be; otherwise, you will be forced to relive the past again and again.

3. Give Peace A Chance

If peace is really what you want, then you will choose peace - which often includes saying “no” to gatherings or forced gift giving or hugging.

4. Mental Break

Before meeting up with your family members, take a few moments to sit quietly - prepare to accept them even if they behave as they always have in the past. You might find that they actually are changing - or - you’ll feel detached as you watch them play out their usual antics.

5. Lose Control

Remember that any attempt to control other people actually puts you under their control. As an example, if you decide you can’t be happy until your mother finally understands you, her dysfunction will rule your life. Unhook from other people's behavior by refusing to try to control them.

6. You Complete You

Take full responsibility for your healing. Only you have the ability to respond to injury by seeking cures instead of inflicting more pain.

7. Make Yourself A Non-Holiday Playlist

Choose a musical set that makes you want to move, breathe and awaken.

8. Be Tolerant Of Those Who Do Love The Holidays

Resist the temptation to denigrate the holidays, whether on social media or at the office party. Offer your friends, family, and co-workers your sincere good wishes. These sentiments can soften your heart and take down a defensive, judgmental attitude.

9. All You Need Is Love

Whether someone hurt you or you were in an environment that was filled with hate, focus instead on loving who you are, and where you are. Choose Love and Joy.

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