Do the Keto Diet Right

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It's the hottest diet around right now. Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, joined us to share how to do keto correctly.

Many people are sugar burners: they’re much better at burning sugar than they are fat. The body gets used to using what you primarily feed it, so it gets real good at using sugar and real bad at using fat. So, you’ve got all this fat on your body, waiting to be burned for fuel, but your body just can’t get to it.

You want to be a better butter burner. You want to be really good at accessing and using what’s in your fat calorie ATM. When you stop eating sugar completely, eventually you’ll use up those 2000 calories you have stored. When there’s no glucose around, your body has to switch fuel sources and begin using fat calorie

The ketogenic diet is extremely low in carbs. It is a way to force your body to use fat as its predominant fuel.

Don’t fall for the water weight myth. (Visuals water) Some people will tell you that the first pounds you drop when you stop eating carbs are nothing but water weight. Studies now show there’s just not true!

Be discriminating about which fats you eat. (visuals healthy fats, butter cooking and salad oils) Your body doesn’t care if you’re eating corn oil that’s been refried 25 times or the highest quality Malaysian palm oil. Either one will raise your ketones. But one’s a junk food and one’s a health food. Junky, unhealthy fats will just wreck your health in other ways. For one thing: They are highly inflammatory. I use Malaysian palm oil for cooking. It is cholesterol and flavor neutral, it stands up well to high heat, and it contains nutrients such as vitamin E tocotrienols that are good for your heart, brain and liver. Stay away from corn oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil and yes, soybean oil too!

Track your dietary fiber intake. (Visuals of high fiber lower carbs foods) One of the drawbacks to a keto diet is that it is low in dietary fiber. This can be a problem since most Americans are already fiber deficient. Consider supplementing with a high-quality fiber supplement, that won’t cause extra gas or bloating.

Distract yourself when cravings hit. There’s a lot of mental stuff going on in the beginning. I missed my treats and food rewards. A lot of success with any change in your eating patterns is getting out of your mental routine. It gets easier over time.

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