Gina M. Cobb: How a Jewelry Consultant Works for You

Gina M. Cobb.png

If you get overwhelmed with choices and information when shopping for fine jewelry, Gina M. Cobb is ready to help -- and just in time for valentine's day! The Jewelry Consultant, Stylist and Appraiser stopped by to tell us how she help you find the perfect piece of jewelry for your sweetie and stay within your budget.

Gina is hosting the following event:

  • Diamonds 101 workshop
  • Tuesday, February 26th
  • noon to 1 pm
  • A free workshop for 10 people.
  • To sign up, click here.

For more information about Gina M. Cobb visit her website.

This segment was sponsored by Gina. M. Cobb, Inc..