Hanging Heart Mason Jar Craft

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Professional Artist Elida Field stopped by celebrate her 100th appearance on AM Northwest – and to share a fun heart art project for Valentine’s day.

If you’d like a chance to win the Hanging Heart Mason Jar from the show, visit Elida's website.

Hanging Heart Mason Jar

February is the month of love. These little hanging heart mason jars can be filled up with all sorts of goodieseverything from candies to candles and they are so inexpensive, you can make one for all of your Valentines! The dangling hearts are easy and fun to make and can be used for many other decorations too like cards, banners, necklaces and ornaments.

Materials List:

~Salt dough

~rolling pin

~pencil or skewer (to make the holes)

~mason jars


~acrylic paints (red, pink, white, gold)


~collage words


*Filler for the mason jars: Candy, sand, votive candles, tickets, words of affirmation, lights, popurri etc.*

How to create the “Hanging Heart Mason Jar”

1.First, make the salt dough (1 cup flour, 1 cup salt, 1/2 cup water)knead, roll out about 1/4” thick, cookie cut the hearts, add the holes for the twine using a pencil or bbq skewer and then place them in the oven at 250 degrees for 2-2.5 hours.

2.When the salt cookies are cooled, paint them the colors you’d like using your acrylics with a little water. Let dry about 15-20 minutes and then flip them over and paint the backsides.

3.When they are completely dry, dab a little aquavar on the display side and stick the word on top. Then take some aquavar and paint over the entire heart, sealing the word onto it and leaving the heart with a glossy finish.

4.When the heart is completely dry and sealed with aquavar, take the twine and put it through the hole or holes and wrap it around the mason jar. Depending on the look or design you want, might dictate how many time you wrap the jar with your twine.

5.When you have the hanging heart secured, then fill your jar with whatever you’d like. I used sand and votive candles, but fun colored candies can be cute. It’s also a nice idea to use it as an “I love you jar” and fill it with positive words and sayings for your partner or family.

Whether you are going out with your sweetie or spending time alone, I hope that this Valentines you’ll feel such love.