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How to "Be That Unicorn" When Playing

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Playing games is a popular pastime in quarantine -- as long as you follow the way of the unicorn. Jenny Block, Author of "Be That Unicorn", joined us from her home in Texas to share her insights.

Quarantine is a great time to play games in person with the people with whom we are quarantined, as well as virtually with those from whom we are separated. Playing games can bring people together. It can also teach us things about ourselves and others. The key is to follow the way of the unicorn.

1. Sometimes losing is as good as winning

2. Sometimes you’re going to lose.

3. Games are supposed to be fun.

4. Helping someone can feel even better than winning.

5. No one likes a sore loser - or winner.

6. Unicorns don’t cheat or stand by while others do.

7. It’s no fun if everyone gets a trophy.

8. Competition is good for unicorns.

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