A Rosy Art Project

Roses in Quarantine.png.jpg

It's time to take your mind off the pandemic for a minute and make time for an art project. Professional Artist Elida Field showed us how to paint roses.

“Painting Roses”

Portland is the city of roses and roses are also really fun to paint! You don’t need a lot of experience, just a willingness to try. You can even make them with just three colors, but if you have the “Fab Five” you’ll be able to mix all of your colors which makes for more options and a stronger painting. I hope you take time to smell the roses today, they are in full bloom and always smell so sweet!


-Acrylic paints-

Red, yellow, blue and white or “Elida’s Fabulous Five” (Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red-medium hue, Pthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow-medium hue, Titanium White) Optional-Gold

-Canvas or paper any size

-Brushes 1/2” angled, 1”flat and a small pointed brush for details

-Charcoal or pastels for drawing

How to paint roses

1.Start by drawing out with your charcoal or pastel three wavy circles in a triangle pattern at the top of your canvas for where you want your roses to go. Draw a curved line directly under the roses for the top of the vase and two straight lines down to the bottom of the canvas.

2.Fill in the wavy circles with alizarin crimson and the vase with your pthalo blue or whatever color you’d like the vase to be.

3.Make the leaves and foliage by mixing your pthalo blue and yellow to make green. Then create a curved line below the roses and connect it with another curved line to make a point at the end. Paint the leaves below and in between where your roses are. Fill the leaves in completely with dark green.

4.Using your angled brush with no water, put a dot of white or pink in the center of your rose. Start a pattern of angled lines in a circular motion as you go out from the center. As you reach the edge of your rose, you can do curved lines to create the outside petals and blend a little of the color into the alizarin crimson.

5.Mix alizarin crimson, pthalo blue, and a little yellow to make black. Add a little of the black to white to make grey. If the color is too pink, add yellow to counter that. Yellow seems to help neutralize most colors. Paint your background with grey, going around the edges of your flowers, foliage and the sides of the canvas.

6.Go back to the foliage and fill in between your flowers with stems or leaves. To highlight the leaves, mix a light green or add yellow or gold to the top part of the leaf where the sun would hit. right now.

7.You can also add more colors to the roses using some gold or pink. Just remember to keep a darker color in between the petals as you go around which makes it look three dimensional. You can also add a little highlight to your vase using a lighter blue or whitethis will also help give your painting more interest.

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