How to Find Lasting Love

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Everyone wants to find that perfect relationship - someone who will love them unconditionally. But you cannot expect someone else to give you what you cannot give yourself. In order to have the best and deepest relationship with someone else, you must first develop a more loving relationship with yourself. Our Breakthrough Energy Expert Linda Binns had some tips to help you.

1. End all toxic relationships

If there are people in your life who don’t support you and treat you with love and respect then they don’t deserve to be part of your life. Surround yourself with people who treat you well.

2. Treat yourself with love and respect

You can’t expect others to treat you well if you don’t treat yourself well. We teach other people how to treat us. When you start being more supportive of yourself, you’ll find that you attract more people who treat you well.

3. Stop comparing yourself

Everybody is different, everybody is unique. When you compare yourself to others sometimes you will feel inferior, and sometimes you will feel superior – neither is good. Accept who you are and release the need or desire to compare yourself to anyone else. Be the best you that you can be. Embrace the things that make you different.

4. Be kind to your body

Give your body food and drink that is nourishing and help it to thrive. Move your body every day and learn to love and accept the skin that you’re in. You cannot truly love yourself if you hate your body.

5. Take time out

Allocate some time every day to calm your mind, to clear your thoughts, breathe and just be. There is so much busyness that it’s easy to get sucked into constant action and constant thinking. Give yourself a break from it all and allow your body and mind to calm down. Turn off the TV, eliminate distractions and allow yourself to just be.

6. Release the need for approval

You cannot please everyone all the time. If you need approval from others you will often be disappointed. Not everyone will agree with you, not everyone will like you. Do what feels right for you and don’t worry whether others approve or not.

7. Learn to say ‘no’

Saying no does not make you a bad person. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself and others because if you say yes to something you don’t really want to do, then resentment will build. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into things because you feel guilty if you say no. Saying no is often the smartest thing you can do.

8. Let go of past trauma

This is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself. Holding on to past hurts means you are carrying a huge burden. Accept that whatever happened did in fact happen and you cannot change that fact. When you let go of things that have happened to you it’s like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders. It’s liberating when you don’t have to carry that around with you any more.

9. Be grateful

Find something to be grateful for every day. Even on your most difficult days, there is something you can be grateful for. When you look for things to be grateful for it helps to shift your energy into a more positive place, rather than moving you into a downward spiral of negativity.

10. Celebrate you

Take some time to make a list of your best qualities and accomplishments. You’ll be amazed at what you discover – things you had forgotten. Whenever things are not going well and you are feeling low, reading this list can be a wonderful and uplifting reminder.