How to Find Your Signature Style

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Defining your signature style can simplify everything from getting dressed in the morning to shopping for clothes. Shannon Ables, Author of "Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life,” stopped by to share helpful tips.

To figure out your signature style:

1. List your current life roles - What roles do you embody on any given day?

2. Choose 3 Descriptors (adjectives that describe your authentic self and the persona you want to present to the world)

3. Find a Muse - what celebrity/public figure’s style do you most want to emulate, and how would you describe their style?

4. What were you wearing when you felt your most confident?

5. Determine skin tone to determine which colors to select - warm or cool (two ways to determine: color or your veins - green - warm; blue - cool | eye color - brown or hazel - warm; blue or greyish - cool)

More Helpful Tips:

  • Ignore Trends - save your budget and time
  • Incorporate High and Low Items (at the GallĂ©rie LaFayette in Paris, curators specifically hang designer items next to lower priced items to reveal the power of mixing and matching).
  • Update as needed - edit closet twice a year
  • Forget the size - find a tailor
  • Understand your silhouette/figure and what flatters you
  • Invest in good grooming (hair, make-up, etc.)
  • Well-made accessories (handbag, shoes, etc.)
  • Repeated use - do it (wear the same simple, classic hoops, boyfriend jeans, those nude pumps, etc.)
  • Slow and Steady Accumulation - have patience and trust what you know and need, ignore the rest and purchase when you find what works with your signature style.

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