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How to Use LinkedIn to Get Hired or Promoted

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LinkedIn is not just a social network or an electronic version of your resume. When properly utilized, LinkedIn can function as not only your personal website, but your best marketing resources to position you for the job and career you want. If you've been neglecting or under-utilizing this platform, Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, career strategist and professional brand expert, joined us to share a quick lesson on how to use LinkedIn to get what you want in your career.

  • Fully Complete Your Profile LinkedIn makes it easy for your profile to get noticed, but you have to make sure it's fully complete. That includes background photo, profile photo, headline, summary, and experience.
  • Use Keywords Use relevant keywords and phrases in your summary section, headline and the skills/endorsement area that speak to your top skills and abilities so your profile will pop up when recruiters are searching for new talent.
  • Add Examples of Your Work Under your positions OR in the Features section on LinkedIn, you can add links to your published work, or upload files, clips from interviews or even articles you've written. Showcase what you can do by highlighting what you've done!
  • Post Regularly Stay on others radar by posting quality and relevant content that positions you as a thought leader in your industry or field. You can also publish articles directly on LinkedIn.
  • Connect with Recruiters and Others LinkedIn is a networking platform and if you're interested in a role reach out to recruiters and hiring managers and let them know. Conduct informational interviews and be sure to follow the companies you want to work for.
  • Ask for Endorsements & Recommendations These areas on LinkedIn were once overlooked, but NOW they can be your ticket to the job or promotion you want.