Lessons Learned from the #metoo Campaign


#MeToo is an initiative aimed to highlight how common and rampant assault and harassment are. The campaign was started ten years ago by Tarana Burke and was turned into a hashtag more recently by actress Alyssa Milano, which shifted the conversation away from the predator to the victim, generating 13 million Facebook and Twitter posts after two days! Confidence Coach Laure Redmond joined us to share some of the powerful lessons learned from this campaign:

  1. What You Think You Know Is Very Seldom The Truth We are surrounded by people wearing disguises, and not just on Halloween. Just because someone is famous, religious, related to you, or in a position of authority does not mean that they're respectable. Respect must be earned and it goes hand in hand with personal integrity. Don't confuse power with safety.
  2. Silence is Death Victim fear can be paralyzing - many have admitted in the Harvey Weinstein scandal that they were terrified their careers would be over if they spoke up, and several victims stated that their careers were negatively impacted after they escaped his aggressive advances and turned him down. Nevertheless, it is vital to speak up - by doing so, you potentially save others from the same awful fate. In the end, it's about reaching out for help and helping others by reaching out.
  3. It is Not Your Fault Victims feel horrible guilt and shame that they somehow influenced or led the abuser on, that somehow it's their fault. Many times the abuser will even try to plant that idea in the victim's mind - it is vital to seek the guidance of a safe person to understand that you did not cause this; it was done to you.
  4. Teach Your Sons to Respect Women and Your Daughters to Respect Themselves It is imperative to start the conversation with your children about what they see on social media versus what is right. The formation of children is no longer just in the hands of parents, the influence of the online culture cannot be neglected or ignored; which is why you need to constantly teach children their own self-worth so that they don’t fall victim to another person’s malice.
  5. The Future is Female and Male Awareness and honesty around the nature and prevalence of sexual imbalance in our society is vital! We are ALL equally valuable human beings with endless potential.
  6. Self-Care is Essential Empathy, compassion, love, kindness and support are invaluable tools for yourself and others who have suffered through the terror of being overpowered by another person.

You can listen to Laure on "Feel Good Naked Radio." For more helpful information, visit Laure's website. She's also available for private coaching for individuals or groups.