Make A Great First Impression

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Your Clothes Speak.png

Just how are you presenting yourself to the world ? Did you know it takes just 1/10th of a second for someone to form an impression about you and it's very unlikely to change! Image consultant Carol Parker Walsh, author of Your Clothes Speak, joined us to share key fundamentals to making a great first impression.

  • Image - Appearances matter in first impressions. It’s the first line of communication. What you wear should reflect the real you. If you’re presenting your best self you’ll come across comfortable and confident and you’ll make the impression that’s right for you.
  • Behavior - Are you approachable? You need to come across open and interested not closed and withdrawn. Be comfortable introducing yourself, instead of waiting for the introduction. Smile and project a positive energetic energy.
  • Communication - Non-verbals speak volumes!! Our bodies and our words reveal our interest. Be sure to make eye contact, use the person’s name in conversation, ask questions, don’t dominate the conversation or get to personal to quickly. Actively listen and allow for a give and take in the conversation.
  • Presence - Consider your physical space and energy. Don’t crowd or dominate other’s physical space or come across with either an arrogant (always sharing how fabulous you are or your successes) or inferior energy (trying to compete in the conversation or “one up” the other person). Create a lighthearted and positive space of engagement. Know your hot buttons. Being in control communicates that you can take care of yourself and have a solid sense and confidence in who you are.