Make Art for Your Dads and Grads

Father's Day Card.png.jpg

June is the month we celebrate dads and grads. So professional artist Elida Field joined us to share an art project to honor them!

Magical Moon and Stars Watercolor Painting

June is here and that means graduations and celebrations of our Dads! Create a personalized card or watercolor painting for these special occasions. You don’t need anything fancy, any watercolors (even the kid’s set) will do. Let’s make some magical moons and starry skies together!


-Watercolor set (I used Yarka set of 12)

-Watercolor paper or mixed media paper


-Sharpie or Gold permanent marker

Optional: Use white-out or watered down acrylic paints (white and gold) to make your stars and to create highlights in the moon at the end.

How to paint a “Magical Moon & Stars”

1.If you want to put a saying or special words into the write those out first. Make sure to use a permanent marker or sharpie so the watercolors won’t blur them once you paint over.

2.Using your pencil, sketch lightly the moon in the top right corner. You can draw out a half moon or a full moonwhatever your prefer.

3.Trace around the moon with water and then start to make circular motions around the moon, until you reach out to the sides of the paper.

4.In your tray of watercolors, put a drop of water on each color so it activates the colors.

5.Next, start with blue and begin to paint around the moon and work your way all the way out to the sides. You can continue with overlapping the blue with purple and even black or darker blue. It should be lighter towards the moon and darker as it goes to the sides.

6.When that is dry, you can go back inside the moon and carefully add a little water and drop in some yellow or even a little grey, depending on how you want your moon to look. Be careful not to re-activate the outside watercolors or it will blur your moon.

7.Lastly, after everything is dried, you can either carefully paint the starts into the sky using a small brush and acrylic paints or using white-out and just touching the little brush onto the paper to create stars. You can also do a “flicking technique” (my favorite) where you use a toothbrush or a stiff brush and you load it with acrylic paint and then flick it onto the paper to create stars in the sky.

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