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Moda Health: Make Mental Health Your New Year's Resolution

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Improve your mental health and improve your overall health in 2020 by making small steps in your lifestyle. Taylor Bruner, Supervisor of Wellness Operations at Moda Health, joined us to share five things you can do today:

  1. Practice gratitude: Think of one thing everyday to be grateful for, show/tell others how much you appreciate them. It will help shift your mindset, improve emotional resilience and reduce stress.
  2. Find a buddy: Keep youself motivated, increase the “fun factor” and improve relationships and social ties.
  3. Get outside: Increases activity and oxygen intake, releases endorphins and grounds us in nature – increases general sense of wellbeing and reduces stress.
  4. Set yourself up for success with smaller goals: Set realistic goals in smaller increments to keep you on track, focused and positive! Increases confidence in self and in behavior change – cascading effect on other habits with, in turn, further supports mental health.
  5. Focus on lifestyle: Small, sustainable changes over time make the biggest impact! Being consistent and staying in a routine can increase success and keep you on task. Stability in healthy lifestyle prevents us from making choices we will regret later, thus improving self-confidence and mental health.

For more information on staying healthy, visit the Moda Health Minute website.

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