Make Summer Memories on a Budget

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In a world that is constantly moving faster and faster; slowing down and simplifying during the summer can be a great way to set up these next three months - best of all - it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Confidence Coach Laure Redmond joined us to share a few simple ways to stretch your enjoyment dollars.

  1. Flea Markets and Garage Sales Get a bargain on a beautiful object to bring home. Imagine the lives of people in the sepia photos stacked in the straw baskets. Try on a bunch of Instagrammable hats and glasses while creating fun fantasies as you walk around. Go to flea markets, garage sales, and neighborhood farmers markets that are located in districts different from the one you live in.
  2. Do Something Quirky Even on a limited budget, you can always find adventure. Atlas Obscura will tell you the hidden gems in a particular city. A search of Portland turned up: The Witch’s Castle, The Shanghai Tunnels, The Grotto, Cathedral Park, Voodoo Doughnut and Wedding Chapel, and 30 more.
  3. Volunteer Out Of State Help someone learn English, pick raspberries, welcome hostel guests, many of these opportunities exist in other cities where free accommodations are offered in exchange for work.
  4. Make Fitness Your Friend Movement is one of the best ways to fuel your body, mind, and spirit. Create a daily fitness plan that includes :: walking, drinking water, and checking in with an accountability partner to workout together, or to report via email or text what your activity included that day.
  5. Summer Movies Inspired By Books This is a great activity to share with children or adult reading groups :: From page to screen, followed by discussions and opinions.
  6. Throw a Party on a Budget Even the most beautiful memories can be overshadowed by a debt hangover. In fact, overspending on a big event is a surefire way to spoil it in the long run. Concentrate instead on this stellar piece of advice from David Tutera, a celebrity wedding planner: "If a guest can go to a wedding and walk away knowing more about the bride and groom, that's what makes a wedding much more unique." The same goes for any other type of special event. It's about the people, not the party.
  7. Eat Well and Look Up At the Sky Create an earthly existence in the warmth of summer - whether roasting tomatoes or corn on the grill; make recipes from whatever the garden yields :: make sure to also romp barefoot in the grass while tracking the stars in the sky at nighttime.

You can also listen to Laure on "Feel Good Naked Radio." For more helpful information, visit Laure's website. She's also available for private coaching for individuals or groups.