Make Your Own Leaf Print Napkins

Leaf Napkins.png

Professional Artist, Elida Field, stopped by to show us a simple craft simple enough to make with our kids -- just in time for Thanksgiving.

Autumn is in full force with leaves changing color and falling! Embrace the season by using some of these leaves to create some usable art! You can be the “hostess for the mostess” this Thanksgiving by making unique printed napkins or tablecloths for your holiday tablescape. It’s an easy project that anyone can do, and such a great way to use our natural resources incorporated into your decor.


  • Fall colored and metalic acrylic paints (soft bodied or favorite is Golden)
  • arts and craft brushes
  • plain colored napkins or a table runner or tablecloth
  • wax paper
  • brayer or small roller
  • optional: twine and ink pens

Making Leaf Print Napkins :

1. Lay your napkin flat on the table.

2. Take one of your leaves and flip it over. Paint over the backside of the leaf using a variation of colors or just one color, depending on the look you are going for. It’s important to get an even coat of paint all over including the stem.

3. Flip the leaf back over onto your napkin. Lay your wax paper over the leaf on top of the non painted side and begin rolling over the top with your brayer.

4. Once you’ve evenly rolled over the leaf and stem, you can peel back the wax paper and carefully lift off the leaf.

5. Taaa-Daaaaa! A beautiful print of the leaf will be left on the surface.

6. You can add more leaves, embellish the print with a word, saying, or other creative painting. You can also use stamps or stencils to finish the piece off.

7. Once dried, if you put your leaf print on material, you’ll want to lightly iron over another piece of wax paper, on top of the printed surface, to set the paint.

Extra Ideas: You can print leaves on any surface. These make great name tags, customized wrapping paper, or place mats. You also could make your own table runner or table cloth by just adding more leaves in a varied pattern down the middle or randomly all over. Remember to set the paint by putting a light cloth or wax paper over and run an iron over the top.