"Movement Matters" -- Why Inconvenient Kitchens are Better!


Katy Bowman, biomechanist and author of "Movement Matters," stopped by to tell us why making our kitchens less convenient could be better for our health! For more information about Katy Bowman, click here.

How to “Move Your DNA” in the Kitchen

Research keeps showing we need more activity throughout our day. Those cultures who live longest, with the least amount of heart disease, are far less sedentary than ours. Here are simple ways we can get more movement into our day starting right in our kitchen:

Most kitchens are designed to make things more convenient. That doesn’t necessarily save us time. We then go to gyms to make up for the movement we didn’t get at home.

What can we do?

  • Power down to use more muscles. Examples:
  • Grind coffee beans by hand – arm strength
  • Prefer tea? Consider foraging for ingredients, advantages to using loose tea vs. bags.
  • Whip cream/eggs by hand instead of using the blender
  • Chop nuts – grip strength – a skill we’re losing. A marker for cardiovascular disease
  • Precut veggies vs. whole – your jaw on real carrots vs. shredded. Hard chewing works the brain!
  • Counter alignment – how are you standing? Pelvis resting on counter? In heels? Go barefoot and add floor texture.
  • Move your chopping board to the floor – squats for pelvic floor health.
  • Stack dishes up high. Hang your pots and pans from a rack.