Optimize New Year’s Resolutions with the White Board Technique.

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If you struggle to keep your New Year's resolutions, there could be bigger issues getting in the way. Certified Pranic Healing Instructor and Practitioner, Liza Burney, stopped by to show us how to optimize our New Year’s Resolutions with the White Board Technique:

White Board Technique is part of Pranic Healing for psychological healing – and is the perfect technique for this time of year when people are trying to shift patterns and change habits. Many people find that nothing they have tried in the past has been effective. And that is often because the energetic component has been left out.

We use the White Board technique to clear old energetic patterns and habits, then create a visualization of what we want instead. It’s another application of “out with the old, in with the new.”

Most people think that when we visualize something, it belongs to this realm of wild imagination and is not real. When we learn to work with and study energy, we realize that what we visualize is actually happening in the energetic world.

If we just try and add the new habit without cleaning out old tendencies, it’s like a big fish eating a small fish. The new habit doesn’t have a chance. Or trying to plant some seeds in a garden that is full of weeds. The little seeds will never make it. This is what most people do every year.

So we start to energetically erase the old pattern -- this may need to be done on a regular basis – and then plant the seeds of the new habit that we want to take root.

Here are the steps:

1. Rate on a scale of 1-10 how strong the old habit feels to you. Sugar cravings – how compelled would you be if someone handed you some dessert?

2. Visualize a white board or movie screen and visualize the old habit – as clearly as you can, with sound, and feeling. This is the energetic process of externalizing those old energies.

3. Using your hand in front of you, visualize painting dark blue over every square inch of that movie screen until it is completely covered.

4. Focusing on the top of your head, take an eraser (visualized super bright white like lightening) and erase every little bit of that dark blue until the screen is completely blank. This has to be done slowly and gently. You may notice some degree of resistance. Each time this is repeated, it tends to get easier to erase.

5. Rate yourself on the old habit again, 1-10.

6. Repeat this clearing process until it is down to a zero or 1.

Next step is to create the energy of the new habit:

1. Visualize the movie screen again – this time visualizing the new habit as clearly as you can.

2. Imagine the feeling of this new habit, the sounds you’ll hear, the emotions.

3. Continue to visualize this new you becoming stronger each time you do this practice.

This process works for all sorts of habits, fears and phobias, procrastination, cravings, limiting beliefs, etc. Recommend that you do this practice first thing in the morning, and then every day as many times as needed. Good to do for sugar cravings before each meal, and anytime that urge shows up.