Palm Tree Palette Paintings

Palm tree art.png

If the April rain has you longing for warm, tropical weather, maybe a little artwork can help change your perspective! Professional Artist Elida Field stopped by to show us how to make palm tree palette paintings.

Palm Tree Palette Paintings

We just returned from Maui where the silhouettes of palm trees waving as the sun set over the Pacific was absolutely breathtaking. This painting, full of bright, tropical colors is sure to make you feel the “mahalo” (thankful) spirit!


  • acrylic paints (black, pthalo blue, cadmium yellow, white, cadmium red, & any bright other colors you’d like to use etc.)
  • canvas or wood panel (any size)
  • 1/4” or 1/2” square or angled brush
  • palette knife
  • chalk or pencil
  • optional: palm tree stencil (make your own by cutting out a picture of a palm tree or use my sample at

Making Palm Tree Palette Paintings:

Paint your entire canvas or wood panel with black

Wait 20 minutes to dry and then sketch or stencil in your palm tree using chalk

Decide if you want to use cool colors or warm colors

If you are using cool colors...mix pthalo blue, yellow, & white to make a beautiful turquoise. Start to layer your paint around the tree, working from the outside of your tree out to the corners of the canvas. Leave the inside of the tree black and fill the entire background with color. Make one corner lighter and the opposite bottom corner a little darker for more contrast & interest.

After you start to fill in the background, try using your palette knife to create thicker texture and color contrast.

If using warm colors...mix the red and yellow to make orange, or white and red for pink and fill the entire canvas the same. In addition, remember that using the palette knife, you should pick two to three colors at a time and don’t worry about mixing them on the palette but rather letting them blend onto the canvas.

You can go back with black and fill the tree back in, adding more branches or coconuts.

Special note: To make a painting more impressionistic, don’t mix all of the colors on the palette. Instead...dab your brush in a few colors without mixing them together and then make your strokes directly onto the canvas, allowing the colors to melt. Enjoy!