R. Bloom's: Unique Gift Ideas

Bloom Gifts.png

We bet everyone has one on their gift list -- a person who's impossible to buy for! Richard Bloom -- from R. Bloom's of Lake Oswego – stopped by with unique gift ideas for even the most finicky person on your list.

You'll find R. Bloom's at 267 A Avenue in Lake Oswego. For more information, visit the R. Bloom's website.

Snow globe of Mars and Yoga Joes figures -- www.yogajoes.com

Wine block teeth cream for red wine -- www.wineblock.com

Soapstone carving kit for ages 8 plus -- studiostonecreative.com

Wine and whiskey aging in a stick -- www.timeandoak.com

Leather phone bicycle carrier, leather computer bag ,neck phone holder, belts -- www.thebeebeco.com

Smart phone and tablet holder -- godonut.com

Beverage grading books, hop set for beer enhancement -- www.33books.com

Handmade calendars, note cards -- lillianjeanstudio.etsy.com

National park scarf and head bandana -- mcgovernandcompany.com

New heart with secret chamber for message-open crown -- www.hotskwash.com