ReplaceNow: A Local Couple's Initiative to Slow Climate Change

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Brian and Perrin Stewart are partners in life and now partners in a new initiative -- to inspire all of us to do what we can to slow down climate change. They stopped by to tell us more about ReplaceNow.

You have come up with a new initiative called ReplaceNow It’s not a business, but more like your solution for slowing climate change. What is it?

ReplaceNow is an initiative to empower consumers to accelerate the switch to clean energy.

We all know reduce, reuse, recycle, - which are super helpful, but these strategies will not by themselves solve the problem

We realized there we need a fourth R and we are calling that “Replace”

What is it that needs to be replaced?

The vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions in this country and in the world come from burning fossil fuels for energy – in the US it is over 85%

That energy is used for Electricity, Transportation, Heat

Scientists tell us we need to cut our emissions by 80%

Using less fossil fuels won’t really work – we need to switch to clean sources of energy.

All of us are consumers of this energy – we contribute every day to these emissions through the electricity we buy, the gasoline we burn in our cars and the natural gas we use to heat our homes

The cars we drive and our furnaces and water heaters are sources of emissions

We need to Replace them with new solutions that don’t emit carbon

The good news is that there are clean affordable solutions that are available now.

Clean solutions are now affordable?

Just within the last couple years there have been some significant technological developments that have made ReplaceNow possible.

Wind and Solar energy is now the cheapest form of new energy.

Electric vehicle battery prices have dropped and are dropping

Electric Heat pumps technology has gotten better + better

So what can all of us do?

It is really simple

1. Replace your electricity with renewable energy – Choose the green energy plan from your electric utility - PGE and Pacific Power have these options - go online and choose those plans and it will guarantee that your electricity is produced with renewable energy and it will cost you a few dollars extra a month.

2. When you need a new car, Replace it with an Electric Vehicle (EV) -- if you talk to anyone who owns one, they will rave about them - so much more fun to drive, no more going to the gas station etc. There are new models coming out all the time - it is not a fringe thing any more

3. When your water heater breaks or if your furnace is getting old - Replace it with an electric heat pump version - same effect - zero emissions.

When you do these things you immediately eliminate a source of emissions.

And you are helping to change the system - transitioning away from fossil fuels and toward clean renewable energy

What is the most important thing people can do right now?

Check out the ReplaceNow website -- -- then let your friends and family know about it

The more people that know, the more likely someone will make a good decision that will help to transition us to a cleaner future

If you can do these things now fantastic - but please help us spread the word.

We have tried to make it really easy to understand and we have FAQs if you need more information.

And of course - send us an email if you have questions -- and/or