Setting Your Small Business Goals


Business and Growth Strategist, Ciara Pressler, shared why it's important to have goals for your business.

  • So you can measure your progress
  • So you can say no to the wrong opportunities / wastes of time/money/energy
  • So you can find your team

Game Plan™ approach to business goals:

  1. Create your vision
  2. Identify your goals
  3. Engage your audience
  4. Maximize your actions
  5. Overcome your obstacles
  6. Celebrate

Types of Business Goals

  • Product
  • Money
  • Audience
  • Team
  • Habits
  • Impact

Goal insurance: how to avoid self-sabotage

  • Find your support community – huddle vs hustle
  • Done is better than perfect
  • Don’t give up because of a bad day

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