Simple Adjustments that Reap Big Results in 2016


Have you heard of "Fail Friday"? It's the day in January the majority of us have already given up on our New Year's resolutions. This year, it falls on January 22nd. Confidence Coach Laure Redmond joined us with a different way to reach your goals. She says instead of making a resolution, make an adjustment:

  1. Identify the Problem not the Solution: With self-compassion and empathy - ask yourself what is not working in your life ...
  2. Replace Resolution with Intention: Our minds love to linger in the past and jump ahead to the future; resolutions only help to encourage that behavior. Before you start to resent your resolutions, choose NO resolutions this year. Intentions are the way to go - an Intention is a positive thought about what you want or need to manifest in your life at this specific time in your journey.
  3. Plant your Intention: A. Say it out loud B. Have someone you trust repeat it back to you C. Write it down D. Keep it in plain view E. Spend five minutes of silence with your intention everyday
  4. Eat Intuitively: What does your body really want right now - pay attention to the feeling of being over-sugared and over-floured after these last two months of constant overindulging - your body craves more fruits and vegetables - more color - shop from the produce section of the grocery store - look up clever vegetable/fruit recipes and cut out the gravy, sauce and additives.
  5. Kick Start YOU: Instead of chasing the unknown future, have active fun - move - breathe - sweat - be spontaneous. Movement is the best way to get grounded and present.
  6. Reclaim Your Power: You can't control traffic or the weather - so - don't let these sorts of things negatively impact your mood. Accept the things you CANNOT change and stop mentally focusing on them.
  7. Love Your Belly: But try feeding it soul-food instead of junk food. Strengthen your intuition. Raise your consciousness. Become more self-aware and love yourself more.
  8. Release Old Stories: What story (or stories) do you need to stop telling yourself once and for all - in order to open up more time and energy for NOW.

For more helpful information, visit Laure's website. She's also available for private coaching for individuals or groups.