Sneaky Ways to Work In a Workout

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When you think you're too busy to work out, sneak it into your everyday activities! Fitness Expert, Beth Oliver, stopped by to show us how easy it can be.

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Fun Ways To Sneak Activity Into Everyday Life

As we head toward a new year many of us start thinking about making New Year's resolutions and often those have to do with getting back into a fitness routine. That’s great of course, but why wait until then to get active? Even the busiest of us can work more activity into our life simply by assigning a simple movement or exercise to everyday movements.


  • Stand on 1 leg while brushing teeth, I minute each leg.
  • 10 squats and twist before each meal.
  • 10 tricep dips on the edge of the bed before you get dressed.
  • 10 incline push ups on the edge of the kitchen counter before you load the dishwasher.
  • Alternating mountain climbers and bicycle twists during the first commercial of your favorite show.
  • Alternating butt squeezes and abdominal contractions while at stop lights when you are driving.

It seems a little simple, does it really work?

• Any extra movement is good, and it does all add up.

• It can be fun and silly and a good way to get your family in on something together.

• It doesn’t take much activity to actually feel better immediately, like when you stand up and intuitively stretch after you’ve been sitting too long.

• Most importantly it is hard to create a new habit…that’s why people struggle when they set big goals that involve behavior change. This is a great way to create small changes that are easy and fun to do. If we can associate change with a positive emotion, then our chances of success are much better. What we are really doing here is teaching ourselves to enjoy be active on a regular basis.