Super Bowl Party Etiquette

Super Bowl Party Etiquette.png

If you're attending or hosting a party for Sunday’s Big Game, keep in mind some helpful tips from Etiquette Expert, Melanie Perko.

Keep in mind if you're attending a party:

• Arrive at your party before kickoff and do your homework:

  • Kickoff is 3:30 pm PST
  • The average Super Bowl lasts 3-4 hours. So fans will be at a party from mid-afternoon into the evening.
  • Wear team colors, if you want.

• Bring something to the party: food, beverage, flowers, napkins, check with host/hostess first.

• Know guests will be for rooting for different teams.

• NO double dipping in party dips.

• Be conscious of cold and flu season: put food on your plate to eat, no grazing at food table or sharing drinks.

• If you are not into football you can still have a fun time, but take your conversations to another area than the television.

• No saving seats – if you leave to get food, don’t expect seat in front of TV to be there when you get back

• Make sure you assist or offer to clean up, and don't stay at the party too long.

• Use car service or driver if you'll be drinking alcohol.

• Send a thank you text or email when you get home. "Something like: fun night, your guacamole was out of this world."

Things to consider as a Host:

• Do your homework – know the teams, venue, half-time show tidbits, some fun facts about key players.

• Make plans for halftime – half-time food? Halt-time games or contests? Go outside and play tag with everyone, etc.

• Have a kids room set up for the little ones and hire a babysitter – have kid crafts or activities at the ready

• Provide ample seating and – if you have room -- more than one place to watch the game.