Surprising Reasons You're Feeling Tired


We are living in the most wired time our nation has ever experienced! Confidence Coach Laure Redmond joined us to share some reasons why we're all so tired. She says although there are countless products and marketing efforts aimed at helping people sleep better; you won’t get real rest until you unpack the underlying layers of your exhaustion. Once you do that, your energy will begin to return in the form of rich self-unified power.

  1. Your Brain is Full and Needs to Be Emptied The most successful way to empty your personal cache is to be your own observer, which is code for meditation. It’s the only way to truly check in and observe your thoughts and feelings without judgement. It is the gift that keeps giving and when practiced daily is the key to a more calm, centered, accepting, and forgiving life. The practice of being present automatically lightens the brain, since most of the overload is usually a past or future file.
  2. Overwhelm is Creating Foggy Thoughts and Memories Name Your Fatigue ~ What is making you so tired ~ (not allowed to blame it on your insomnia) ~ instead, explore “what” literally wakes you up in the middle of the night or early morning.
  3. You Often Hear Yourself Agreeing to Something You Don’t Want To Do Ask yourself if you are a people-pleaser? Do you: engage in unhealthy sexual relationships, cling to toxic friendships, try to persuade people to love you who are never going to love you, try to save people who can’t be saved.
  4. You Never Have Time Alone Everyone needs a place that’s just theirs. If you have a room to call your own, make time to be in that space everyday. If you don’t have privacy, create alone time while bathing, reading or walking. Just you ~ no technology.
  5. Your Relationships Feel Draining Where are your toxic relationships? Love isn’t always compatible, and sometimes this includes family, you can always choose to either: renew or release relationships or unhealthy connections. Renewal, which is best with a coach or therapist to help, can be a successful way to form new relationships with those you care about and want in your life moving forward.
  6. You Wake Up Tired and Have Become a Couch Potato You must move your body. You must move your body. You must move your body. Movement is Non-Negotiable
  7. You Feel Totally Alone Find your people. Everyone deserves connection and belonging and the opportunity to talk safely about painful things, such as addiction, codependency, workaholism, perfectionism, blame, shame, eating disorders, etc. At some point, everybody hurts.

You can listen to Laure on "Feel Good Naked Radio." For more helpful information, visit Laure's website. She's also available for private coaching for individuals or groups.