Take Your Power Back


Breakthrough Energy Expert Linda Binns explains that when you give your power away it leaves you feeling like a helpless victim and there are many ways that you might be giving your power away.

1. Release the need for approval

When you constantly look for someone else’s approval the chances are you will spend a lot of time feeling disappointed. Take your power back by giving yourself the approval you’re looking for.

2. Say what you mean

Do you find yourself saying no when you mean yes or yes when you mean no because you don’t want to disappoint or upset somebody else?

3. Don’t take on other people’s drama

Sometimes when other people feel frightened, overwhelmed or frustrated because things are not going well for them, rather than taking responsibility for their own situation they try to pass it on to someone else. Learn to recognize when this is happening and refuse to take on their drama.

4. Don’t rely on others to tell you what to do

When you look outside yourself for answers you are giving your power away. You can seek advice and learn as much as you can from others, but don’t rely on someone else to tell you what to do. Be informed and make your own decisions.

5. Stop trying to prove or justify yourself

When you feel the need to prove your worth or ability to others you diminish yourself. You don’t need to prove anything to anybody. You also don’t need to justify why you want to do something.

6. Let toxic people go

Nobody should have to put up with negativity or being treated badly. If you have toxic relationships in your life, you should let them go. Toxic people usually want to have some control over you.

7. Don’t hold back

Do you hold yourself back for fear of upsetting or outshining someone? Whenever you hold back in this way you give that person control over you, whether they want you to or not. If someone in your life can’t handle the ‘real’ you, then that’s their issue, not yours.

8. Stop blaming others

When you blame others for your circumstances you give your power away. Take 100% responsibility for every aspect of your life and decide what actions you need to take. Nobody can make you feel or do anything unless you allow it.

9. Stop making excuses

If you want to do something, find a way to do it, don’t make excuses. Making excuses means you feel powerless. Try something, anything and see what works. Most of the time your excuses are simply a way of avoiding the fear you have of doing something different.

10. Don’t react, respond

When you react, you are being triggered by something outside yourself. When you respond, you are acknowledging that you have the power to choose what you want to do. If you find yourself reacting to someone or something, take a breath and a pause, and think about how you could respond instead.