The Best "Feel Good Friday" Lessons of 2018

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Laure Redmond.png

From banishing anxiety to redefining aging, Confidence Coach Laure Redmond joined us to share her best lessons from 2018:

  1. How Your Mate Impacts Your Health Every relationship has its fights, but the way you argue can make you sick. If loud, angry outbursts are your style, watch out for heart problems and high blood pressure. If you silently fume, it can turn into neck or back pain, or stiff muscles. Dissatisfaction in a relationship can also lead to passive-aggressive drinking, smoking, and eating behaviors, which will lead to feeling worse.
  2. Things Never to Say to a Narcissist "What is your part in this” Don’t expect someone with narcissistic personality traits to take responsibility for their negative actions. Narcissists rarely apologize or admit fault. They have no interest in owning up to what they do - unless it’s an opportunity to take credit. If you want to point out their role in a problem do so because you need to say it, not because you expect them to validate your concerns.
  3. Surprising Reasons You're Feeling Tired You often hear yourself agreeing to something you Don’t want to do. Ask yourself if you are a people-pleaser? Do you: engage in unhealthy sexual relationships, cling to toxic friendships, try to persuade people to love you who are never going to love you, try to save people who can’t be saved.
  4. Creating Optimism in a Pessimistic World Imitate The Ocean ~ Being alive means living in a world that is in constant flux and motion. Our personal lives are also in constant change and many times we are faced with uncertainty. Make an effort to see these changes without resistance, but instead through the lens of curiosity and adventure. This active self-direction of your own moment-to-moment perspective will allow you to create a reality in which you take charge of your emotions and actions with less fear and anxiety.
  5. Warning Signs of a Hoarding Disorder Take notice when parts of a room become un-usable. Become aware of furniture that has been gradually moved into the middle of the room because the outer limits of the room have been filled higher and higher with useless objects.
  6. Redefine Aging Know the difference between Memory & Looping. Looping is when the same thought(s) gets stuck in your mind and you play them over and over again. In every undistracted moment, these unwanted, repetitive thoughts are like a hamster running on a squeaky wheel that is always turning. Looping is connected to anxiety. Anxiety management tools are extremely helpful to teach your mind how to stop looping, and to keep the brain from repeatedly re-experiencing the past or future, which can also create feelings of great loneliness and disconnection.
  7. Worry Less Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation This can help you break the worrying cycle by focusing your mind on your body instead of your thoughts. By alternately tensing and then releasing different muscle groups in your body, you release muscle tension in your body. And as your body relaxes, your mind will follow.

You can listen to Laure on "Feel Good Naked Radio." For more helpful information, visit Laure's website. She's also available for private coaching for individuals or groups.