The Importance of Good Vibrations

Marie Manuchehri.png

Marie Manuchehri is a former oncology nurse who now heals people as an Energy Intuitive and Reiki Master. She joined us to read Helen’s energy and to tell us why good vibrations are so important. Find out more about Marie on her website.

How to raise your vibration:

• Choose your words carefully. Each time you speak, a vibration is created from your voice and words. If you often speak words that are filled with worry or fear you will encourage a vibration of energy in your body and around your body that is fearful. Many people who suffer from anxiety can reduce their symptoms significantly by simply choosing new happy words to speak.

• Stay present. Thinking about the past or the future is typically not a happy experience. Most people when they think about the future are worried about their future. And most thoughts about the past are filled with disappointments or regrets. Both of these actions will lower ones’ energetic vibration.