The Key to Better Goal Setting

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Author and Business Coach, Marcia Bench, stopped by to tell us how knowing our goal-setting type can make reaching our goals a lot easier.

Type 1: Avoider (Celebrity Example = Paris Hilton)

(goal averse)

  • Dislikes setting goals
  • Prefers to “go with the flow”
  • Does not know current“ statistics”
  • Motivated by what feels good


  • If I set goals, I’ll feel constrained or trapped
  • The best way to solve a problem is to generate more options

Type 2: Martyr (Celebrity Example = Marilyn Monroe)

(goal pleaser)

  • Sets goals to please others
  • Their life activities and pace mirror significant others
  • May or may not know their stats – but wants others’ validation
  • Motivated by others’ approval


  • If I set goals and achieve them, others will like me
  • My needs are less important than those I serve or am in relationship with

Type 3: Initiator (Celebrity Example = Oprah)

(goal lover)

  • LOVES setting goals
  • Prefers structure & routine
  • Has at least some sense of their stats
  • Motivated by “having a plan”


  • Without goals, my life lacks direction
  • The best way to solve a problem is to develop a plan to do so

Type 4: Micromanager (Celebrity Example = Martha Stewart)

(goal addict)

  • Loves setting goals and plans
  • Likes lots of structure in their life;
  • Know their “statistics” (can be perfectionists)
  • Motivated by control and structure, not spontaneity


  • If I'm going to set goals, I need an entire action plan too for it to be complete
  • Information, knowledge and plans provide power

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