The Things No One Tells You About Aging


There are things about aging that no one shares. Confidence Coach Laure Redmond joined us to give some insights into growing older:

  1. There is a Sense of Sorrow At some point you will grieve the loss of your former self - everyone stares at photo’s from years ago and thinks “I was so young, emotionally innocent & beautiful”.
  2. If the Shoe Fits It’s Not Yours Feet spread out as you age - after years of wearing fashionable or ill-fitting shoes, you now suffer from painful bunions, cracked heels, and calluses. Comfort trumps sexy.
  3. A Particular Brand of Loneliness Even if you don’t live alone, there comes a moment of private reckoning when you realize you must rely on yourself for your deepest needs.
  4. Some Women Shave Their Face Mandy Moore from the popular TV show This Is Us recently shared an Instagram video of her face being shaved; these little course hairs start to appear in your 40’s if not earlier.
  5. You Don’t Feel the Need to Debate or Argue When you accumulate enough years, you learn to say what you mean and mean what you say without asking for permission or being provocative or defensive.
  6. You May Develop Turkey Neck The skin around your neck is thinner than facial skin and has less collagen content; this makes it especially vulnerable to sun damage. Once you have turkey neck, you can’t get improved results without taking dramatic action.
  7. You Will be Called Sir or Ma’am You go through life “feeling" a certain age, perhaps younger than your actual number - until a kind person from a grocery runs out into the parking lot shouting “ma’am ma’am, you forgot your bag of apples”.
  8. You Will Bruise at the Slightest Touch Age makes your blood vessels more fragile, and so does tissue damage due to sun exposure. You’ll bruise more easily, and the spots may appear darker.

You can listen to Laure on "Feel Good Naked Radio." For more helpful information, visit Laure's website. She's also available for private coaching for individuals or groups.