Unhealthy "Healthy" Foods

Unhealthy Healthy Foods.png
Unhealthy Healthy Foods.png

It's hard to see results, no matter how hard you exercise, if you're not eating right! Personal Trainer Kathleen Trotter, author of Finding Your Fit, joined us to share how easy it is to fall into the trap of eating foods that only masquerade as healthy.

Kathleens says there are two categories of what she calls "unhealthy healthy" food. The first category consists of foods that are high in sugar and/or salt that masquerade as a "health food” - muffins, granola, gluten free desserts. etc. The second category consists of foods that are very healthy in moderation (as in, if you eat one or two portions), but are not healthy when consumed willy-nilly. Think almonds, peanut butter, crackers, high GI fruits (mangos and pineapple) and hummus.

Kathleen says this second category is especially significant for people who want to lose weight. The key to weight loss is not only food selection, but portion control. Too often, when one knows something is healthy, one is less mindful and doesn't worry about portion control. Often foods are a combo of both categories - think the restaurant salad. It has both sugar filled cranberries and dressing (category 1) as well as foods that are only healthy in moderation such as avocado and nuts.

For more information, visit Kathleen's website.