Unlearning Life Lessons That Don’t Work

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We are all raised to believe certain things are true. Call it "Life School". However, as time marches on, we come to realize that certain lessons aren’t useful and don’t promote happiness or fulfillment and we must unlearn what we’ve been taught. Here are my favorite life lessons to unlearn:

  1. Pretending Everything is Okay When it Isn’t Things fall apart in life, this is the reality of being human. Being aware of this is the first step in turning things around. It does not matter what anyone thinks about your circumstances; what matters is what you think about your story. Stop pretending to be strong or prove that everything is going well when it isn’t.
  2. Food is Not Your Friend Being skinny is not the same as being healthy. You might feel pressured to only eat “diet” food or worse, to stop eating foods that your body needs to thrive and feel good. These bad habits can wreck your metabolism. A balanced diet and exercise are the way to go.
  3. Think Rationally Sometimes problems are best solved by thinking intuitively. Whether deciding which book to read or which house to rent or buy - try paying close attention to your physical response, instead of weighing the pros and cons. Tune in and notice if your body is tense or tight vs. relaxed and calm; TRUST your internal navigation.
  4. The More Friends You Have, The Better Plenty of friends come and go, but there are a cherished few who will stay with you through all the ups and downs life throws your way. Those friends, who have your back and don’t judge your personal choices, are to be valued like the most important commodity in your life.
  5. Change is Not Good There’s only one thing that’s constant in life - change! Change is an opportunity to grow and become the person you truly want to be. Finding solutions to problems is what gives life its gusto and grows personal character.
  6. Love is Like The Movies If only Relationships need to constantly be cared for and nurtured in order for the princess and the prince to live happily ever after. There is no more difficult or worthwhile journey and it’s not easy.
  7. Success is The Opposite of Failure Success is trying - failing - and learning. Failure is the foundation of success.
  8. Loss Will Kill Me Losses teach the soul and the body their natural rhythm of breaking and healing.

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