What's in the Stars for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

Meghan Harry Astrology.png

A lot of us here at AM Northwest are a little obsessed with the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. So Astrologer Carol Ferris paid a visit to tell us if their love is written in the stars.

1) Harry Prince of Wales

  • a public figure, career and community oriented (planets in the upper hemisphere of the chart)
  • to the royal purple born: Saturn (the King, the Authority) at the Midheaven (Career Public Life) ruling his Capricorn rising sign -- clearly in the lineage
  • Venus in Libra -- a sweetheart, lover of beauty and of justice (Libra the sign of the Scales)
  • Mars in Sagittarius conjoined with Uranus -- a visionary, a philosopher, an innovator, clearly plays by the rules but knows how to break them for the good of the people
  • Moon in Taurus at the root of the chart -- a homebody, a good mother/father, deeply traditional (conflicts with his more pioneering self)

2) Meghan Markle

  • Harry's opposite in many ways; most planets in the home loving, domestic lower half of the horoscopes
  • Cancer rising -- MOM
  • Venus in Leo -- a hot chick (duh)
  • Saturn/Moon/Mars in Scorpio -- nobody's pushover, focused, magnetic, determined where she feels at home
  • Mars and Venus conflicting with each other -- tension that is magnetic and powerful, attractive, mysterious and full of heat

3) Harry and Meghan together

  • the royal couple: powerful Scorpio midheaven with his Saturn and Pluto joined by her Saturn, Moon and Mars -- she'll definitely be a strong co-presence if he becomes King
  • his Taurus Moon opposite her Scorpio Moon, but both with Moons at the root: loyal to family, committed to family values, stubborn and strong willed when it comes to defending home and kingdom
  • her Cancer Ascendant falls in his 7th House of Partnership: she's the Partner for him
  • Chiron (healer) conjunct Chiron in 5th House of children: fertile, plenty of future heirs!
  • Mercury in Virgo: GREAT COMMUNICATION, perfect understanding, both REALLY REALLY SMART, clear headed, good pattern-makers, great at systems and details in the system -- a real marriage of minds as well as attraction and heat