Lauren Cohen from "Whiskey Cavalier"

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She played a key role in the most-watched drama series in basic cable history. Now she's bringing that same "badass-itude" to her new role in "Whiskey Cavalier". Lauren Cohen joined us to talk about playing a CIA operative who is great at her job, but not so good at personal relationships. You might recognize Lauren from her role as Maggie Green on the smash zombie-fest "The Walking Dead". Her new role in "Whiskey Cavalier" also reunites her with a fellow cast mate from "The Walking Dead"--Tyler James Williams . They're just two members of the interagency Whiskey team. Others include Scott Foley who plays FBI agent Will Chase, top FBI profiler Dr. Susan Sampson played by Ana Ortiz, CIA Weapons Specialist Jai Datta, and former NSA analyst-turned-hacker Edgar Standish. The newly-formed team will tackle dangerous missions, take down the worst criminals, and navigate friendships, romance, and the kind of office politics that only a team of spies could run into.

  • "Whiskey Cavalier"
  • Airs Wednesdays at 10:00pm
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