"Lights, Camera, Christmas!" with Peter Billingsley

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Peter Billingsley.png

The inspiration for “Home Alone” came from John Hughes preparing for a vacation and thinking about all the things he didn’t want to forget – including his kid; and Jack Nicholson was almost chosen for the role of the father in “A Christmas Story.” These are only a few of the lesser known facts about holiday favorites that marked the Christmas season for years. To kick off the holiday season, “20/20” presents a Christmas special featuring actor Peter Billingsley, best known as the character Ralphie in the seasonal hit movie “A Christmas Story.” He joined us to share a little about his iconic movie as well as what viewers can expect to see on this special show.

  • “Lights, Camera, Christmas! Inside Holiday Movie Classics”
  • Special Edition of “20/20”
  • Wednesday, November 22, 10:00–11:00pm
  • KATU

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